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Digital Citizen Pledge

Discussing positive online behavior with children is important. Sharing your expectations and online safety best practices are critical for their well-being and protection, especially when they begin to independently use the internet or have their first cell phone. I recently … Continue reading

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Take Action When Your Child Experiences Cyberbullying

If your child has experienced cyberbullying by another minor, take action and find support: If the acts of cyberbullying include private messages, emails, or text messages, send the responsible account one message, “Stop.” Other than sending “stop” once, do not … Continue reading

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Establishing a Cyberbullying Task Force — Update on New York State Legislation

Updated on June 15, 2018 Many of you have asked about the status of advocating for cyberbullying prevention legislation in New York. While some states recently have added or amended legislation to protect youth against cyberbullying, New York State still … Continue reading

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