Impersonation with the Intent to Cause Harm

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Impersonation Facebook Fried Request Cyberbullying Online Harassment

Four years ago today, the online harassment against me intensified with impersonation accounts. I watched in horror as strangers, friends, family, and professional connections were contacted and exposed to horrific lies. The imposter accounts were accompanied by defamatory comments, blogs, posts on third-party websites, threats of violence, hate speech, round-the-clock ridicule, and hundreds of direct messages.

The harassment continued for two years. The accused was eventually arrested for criminal harassment. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in prison and a two-year probation, including a prohibition from using the internet.

Some of the defamatory content lives on, continuing to be a menace and tarnish my reputation.

My experience with online harassment was devastating and also a painful eye-opener to what many youth face today. No one should have to endure online abuse, especially youth.

Today, it’s reassuring to see so many people and organizations helping to diminish cyberbullying. Together, we can make our cyber-world safer and kinder.

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