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How do you share expertise from 25 years of professional experience along with a passion for advocacy, philanthropy, and voluntarism in one website?

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

That’s the exact question with which I was faced when considering updating my website – transitioning it from solely focusing on cyberbullying and online harassment prevention to a more comprehensive representation of who I am and how I can help others.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to marketing, and many can make a strong case for niche marketing and only sharing tight, targeted messages with a somewhat homogeneous audience.

I debated whether or not to continue to have several websites that share my different services, and decided it no longer made sense. In my case, it’s not an efficient use of resources – my time or budget. It’s also unnecessary.

There’s one Lisa-Michelle Kucharz. I offer an array of services – professional consulting, coaching, motivational talks, cyberbullying and cyber-safety presentations, and more.

Will someone turn down working with a SEO, marketing, and communications expert, because I also practice and facilitate mindfulness, offer corporate retreats, and am a passionate cyberbullying prevention advocate? Maybe, but I doubt it. My diverse experience gives me a unique perspective, and the different areas of expertise often complement and support one another.

My new site shares what I can do for you and what I love to do – help individuals and organizations achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

The updated site still has resources for cyberbullying prevention and cyber-safety, and it also will have articles on business and professional development, social media, effectiveness, happiness, wellness, and more.

Check it out, and let me know how I can help you.

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