Lisa-Michelle offers interactive and engaging presentations to parents, students, schools, and organizations on cyberbullying, online harassment, and cyber-safety. She provides practical steps to stop and handle online abuse and to stay safe online.

Promoting a proactive approach to positive online behavior, Lisa-Michelle’s Digital Citizenship Pledge has been recognized by internet safety experts and is shared with students, parents, and educators across North America.

A victim-turned-advocate, Lisa-Michelle is dedicated to cyberbullying and online harassment advocacy, teaming up with legislators and advocates to review current laws, prevention and victim support initiatives, and best practices. After Lisa-Michelle shared the impact of her experience with elected officials, new legislation was proposed in New York State to establish a cyberbullying task force.

She continues to advocate for a clear definition of cyberbullying, better resources for law enforcement to handle the epidemic of online hate, and intervention programs for youth who carry out cyberbullying. She also serves as a resource for bullying prevention and cyber-safety organizations.


How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

Lisa-Michelle’s ability to draw from real-life events truly resonates with the audience. It is this blend of personal experience and practical advice that both moves us and provides the necessary knowledge to help protect ourselves and those around us. Her presentation is truly eye-opening and a must-see for everyone in today’s digital age.
     — John Brush, Director of Liberal Arts Education, LIU Riverhead
Thank you very much for speaking with my class. Your straightforward presentation and open discussion engaged the students, as they were deeply moved by your experience. You made them feel comfortable to ask questions and have a meaningful conversation about what happened to you, how to help someone else, and ways to advance cyberbullying prevention. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience and why you became an advocate for cyberbullying prevention for youth and adults.
     — Shari Santoriello, Professor and Internship Coordinator

Thank you for sharing your story with us and showing us what we can do to fight online harassment.

Your event was interesting and powerful. You shared valuable information that I can use right now.

This topic is very relevant, and your presentation was very informative.

I learned a lot about cyberbullying and what to do if it happens to me or someone I know.

This presentation is very much needed, and it was informative. Lisa-Michelle, you are the perfect individual to do this!

Excellent presentation! Very informative and clear presentation. Tips are practical for this very serious problem. 

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