With more than 20 years of business leadership experience, Lisa-Michelle provides consultant services to large and small businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals on a wide variety of topics.
Whether you want to expand your leadership skills, build a more cohesive and productive team, nail that next promotion or career move, develop better relationships, or increase your overall wellness and happiness, Lisa-Michelle can help you maximize your potential.
The victim of online harassment, Lisa-Michelle’s ordeal was devastating, but she chose to fight back. She shares her experience and lessons learned to help others combat and prevent cyberbullying, while fostering digital citizenship and cyber-safety.
Lisa-Michelle inspires audiences with motivational and educational talks that foster growth. Key topics include overcoming obstacles, resiliency, increasing happiness, wellness, turning dreams into success stories, and cyberbullying prevention.


With more than 25 years combined leadership experience in marketing, communications, human resource management, business development, public speaking, and coaching, Lisa-Michelle is an adjunct professor who has served as a mentor for emerging professionals and students throughout her career.
Lisa-Michelle is dedicated to cyberbullying and online harassment advocacy, teaming up with legislators and advocates to review current laws, prevention and victim support initiatives, and best practices. She provides resources and guidance to individuals, schools, and organizations to promote cyber-safety, help diminish cyberbullying, and foster communication with empathy and respect.
When she’s not working passionately to help others increase their success, well-being, and happiness, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.