How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

In a world where most people are rushing through activities without being attentive to them, failing to notice subtle feelings, and finding themselves preoccupied with the future or the past, practicing mindfulness can help us focus our attention to experience present moments in open and nonjudgmental ways.

Lisa-Michelle is a licensed Mindfulness X facilitator and studied mindfulness meditation with the Wholebeing Institute’s positive psychology certification program. She offers the complete 8-session Mindfulness X program, as well as tailored meditation sessions and series. She also practices and facilitates guided walking meditation and loving-kindness meditation.

During mindfulness sessions with Lisa-Michelle, you experience formal mindfulness meditation exercises that you also can perform on your own — body scans, seated meditation, and the three-minute breathing space — and informal mindfulness interventions to enhance mindful awareness during everyday activities.

Practicing mindfulness, being able to connect with the present moment, has a variety of benefits, including less anxiety and stress, and more happiness, gratitude, hope, and vitality. Research demonstrates that practicing mindfulness-based interventions improves psychological and physical health.

Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life, meditate, act with awareness, and deal with emotions.

Invite Lisa-Michelle to your next event or to customize a mindfulness program for your organization. Virtual and one-on-one sessions also are available.