How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

Lisa-Michelle offers retreats for teams and individuals that inspire transformation and facilitate success.

Corporate and executive retreats with team building and bonding events, as well as exploration of shared goals and opportunities for support and deeper professional connections.

Best-self retreats to explore living your optimal life — professionally and personally — discovering aspirations, defining goals, and creating an action plan that works.

Wellness retreats with a comprehensive approach to your healthy mind, body, and spirit that encourage reflection, goal setting, and creating an action plan to facilitate success.

Strength spotting retreats to improve overall quality of life, increase happiness, boost confidence, improve relationships, reduce stress, manage challenges, increase engagement at work, and accomplish goals.

Navigating life transition retreats help you reflect on positive outcomes and create effective action plans to thrive during or after divorce or relationship changes, becoming an empty nester or family caretaker, health challenges, new work demands, and more.

Thriving after trauma or loss retreats to help you increase your happiness and enjoy life through the use of positive psychology tools and exploration of character strengths.

Stress reduction retreats to explore healthy and easy ways to incorporate macro and micro moments into your routine that will help you shake off stress and relax.

Vision quest retreats to discover your purpose and unleash your authentic self.

Setting aside time from our busy routines to focus on aspirations, challenges, and goals helps set ourselves up for success.

Invite Lisa-Michelle to create a custom retreat for your organization, milestone birthday, bridal party, or any special occasion. Full- and multiday options available, depending on your needs.