How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

Lisa-Michelle is a digital marketing and social media expert, and an adjunct professor in communications and new media.

She helps businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals
  • Establish a relevant and thriving social media presence
  • Choose appropriate social networks
  • Create engaging and sustainable blogs
  • Interact with prospects and constituents
  • Create effective ad campaigns
  • Engage partners and influencers
  • Offer contests to expand reach
  • Develop ambassador programs
  • Manage trolls

But, most importantly, she helps you achieve business goals through social media.

According to Forbes’  “Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing” by Jay Sondemers, businesses can achieve important goals through social media
  1. Increase brand recognition
  2. Improve brand loyalty
  3. Expose more conversion opportunities
  4. Increase conversion rates
  5. Improve brand authority
  6. Increase inbound traffic
  7. Decrease marketing costs
  8. Better search engine rankings
  9. Richer customer experiences
  10. Improve customer insights

When you build a thriving social media presence, you spread awareness, drive traffic, and generate results.