Lisa-Michelle is a cyberbullying prevention and cyber-safety advocate. She is a dynamic, motivational speaker who offers keynote addresses, workshops, and discussions at conferences, community events, schools, colleges, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

She shares her experience as a victim of cyberbullying and harassment, and how she fought back. Listeners and participants are both shocked and moved by her story of how she endured damage to her personal and professional reputation, threats of violence, hate speech, and non-stop ridicule. She shares her experiences with law enforcement, cyber and private investigators, attorneys, and the judicial system — demonstrating her drive to see justice served and to protect herself and other victims.

Motivated to help people avoid the devastating results of online harassment, Lisa-Michelle shares practical tips to manage and prevent cyberbullying for parents with school-age children and for adults. She also shares other cyber-safety tips and information.

Lisa-Michelle is working with legislators, community officials, advocates, educators, parents, victims, and others to promote cyberbullying prevention for youth and adults.

If you would like to invite Lisa-Michelle to speak at an upcoming event or with a group in your organization, email her at


Thank you very much for speaking with my class. Your straightforward presentation and open discussion engaged the students, as they were deeply moved by your experience. You made them feel comfortable to ask questions and have a meaningful conversation about what happened to you, how to help someone else, and ways to advance cyberbullying prevention. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience and why you became an advocate for cyberbullying prevention for youth and adults.

     — Shari Santoriello, Professor and Internship Coordinator

Lisa-Michelle’s ability to draw from real-life events truly resonates with the audience. It is this blend of personal experience and practical advice that both moves us and provides the necessary knowledge to help protect ourselves and those around us. Her presentation is truly eye-opening and a must-see for everyone in today’s digital age.

     — John Brush, Director of Liberal Arts Education, LIU Riverhead