Lisa-Michelle captivates audiences as she shares insight, perspective, and fascinating stories. Her talks are motivational and practical — providing concrete tips on how to achieve desired results.

A high-energy speaker known for her customized, research-based, and inspiring programs, Lisa-Michelle offers keynote addresses and breakout sessions for conferences, corporate meetings, and nonprofit events.

Lisa-Michelle is known for her appeal to a wide variety of audiences by sharing professional results-driven information through an engaging and uplifting delivery style.

Inspiring Reflection and Greatness

Known for passionately telling it like it is, Lisa-Michelle shares her journey and other insightful stories to learn how to overcome obstacles, foster resiliency, increase happiness, make dreams come true, thrive after trauma, prevent cyberbullying and online harassment, and improve effectiveness.

She energizes audiences with motivational and educational talks that spark reflection and foster growth and success.


How can Lisa-Michelle help you?