How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

During a tough time in my career and a transitional time in my life, I turned to Lisa-Michelle. She offered me advice and support when I needed it most. Lisa-Michelle helped me get my career back on track and find a place where I was happier and felt more fulfilled. Lisa-Michelle is simply the best for personal and professional advice and coaching!
     -- S., New York City

Lisa-Michelle has an uncanny natural talent for professional coaching -- only surpassed by her indelible passion. She is able to assist and guide her clients in discovering their career paths and how best to achieve their goals. Her creativity and ingenuity is key to her clients’ success -- especially in the modern job market.
      -- I., New York City

As I was figuring out the next step on my career path, so much felt uncertain. I knew that I wanted to leave my then-current industry, but I didn't know what I wanted to pursue. Working with Lisa-Michelle changed that. She asked questions I hadn't thought to ask myself. Her support, encouragement, guidance, and insight proved invaluable. She's a great coach and everyone should have her in their corner.
     -- J., New York City

I was fortunate to work with Lisa-Michelle during a challenging situation in my career. Her coaching techniques coupled with her strategic insight provided me the tools I needed to navigate a difficult situation. Lisa-Michelle's professionalism, training and genuine empathy guided me to a much happier career outcome, and I now have a work-life balance that I was searching for.
      -- R., New York City

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz is an outstanding trainer, coach, and mentor, who I have had the great pleasure of working with in various capacities over the years. She is goal-oriented and can help you to gain your focus on achieving your goals. Lisa-Michelle cuts through people's 'stuff' and gets right to the work that needs to be done to achieve results. She is highly perceptive and blessed with an analytical mind that gets you to the insights you need to be more successful.
      -- A., Florida

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz is an expert in professional development, setting strategic goals, team building, time and project management, career development, and achieving work-life balance. More importantly, she is able to effectively develop these skills in others, so they can become more efficient and effective in these areas. She is a great motivational speaker and excellent mentor. I also have seen her transform a group of peers into a cohesive, highly motivated team that learned how to work effectively together and successfully achieve strategic goals. She is insightful and a pleasure to work with.
      -- H., Long Island, New York

Lisa-Michelle possesses intuitive and business skills that have helped her clients uncover their hidden talents and develop the courage to go after their dreams and goals. I highly recommend her if you are looking to move ahead in your career or life. Lisa-Michelle offers a safe haven where your dreams are respected while you discover the tools you need to succeed.
      -- E., Long Island, New York