With more than 20 years leadership experience, Lisa-Michelle Kucharz is an award-winning professional and adjunct professor who has served as a mentor for emerging professionals and students throughout her career.
Lisa-Michelle is dedicated to cyber-safety, cyber-security, and cyberbullying and online abuse prevention advocacy, teaming up with legislators and advocates to review current laws, prevention and victim support initiatives, and best practices. She provides resources and guidance to individuals, schools, and organizations to promote cyber-safety, help diminish cyberbullying, and foster communication with empathy, kindness, and respect.

She earned her MBA at the University of Derby and Bachelor's degree at Binghamton University (SUNY). Lisa-Michelle holds certificates in marketing analytics, human resource management, project management, positive psychology, positive psychology coaching, coaching, and mental health first aid with three concentrations -- veterans, military servicepersons, and their families; higher education; and youth.

When Lisa-Michelle‚Äôs not passionately working to accomplish her goals and help others achieve success, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She is a two-time 52 Hike Challenge Finisher and completed Hiker Babes' Journey to 100.