Cyberbullying Task Force Bill Passes in New York State Senate

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, the New York State Senate passed Bill S5786 to create a cyberbullying task force, which was introduced by NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky and co-sponsored by Senators Jen Metzger and Luis Sepulveda. The task force would explore the effects of cyberbullying and potential measures to address it.

Senator Kaminsky explained his vote, “Thank you very much, Mr. President. I think no matter where you live in this state, we can all agree that cyberbullying has become a tremendous problem. Recent reports show that nearly half the teens in our country have reported being cyberbullied, and while our schools, while we in the legislature have taken pains to make sure our schools have procedures in place to deal with it, what happens after school and what happens to regular adults who have to deal with cyberbullying and the horrors that it brings? I have a constituent, Lisa-Michelle Kucharz, who really survived a terrible ordeal with a stalker who was cyberbullying her and, instead of cursing the darkness, she’s chosen to light a candle and advocate very hard on this issue. So, what this bill would do would create a task force that would make recommendations to schools about how to handle cyberbullying that takes place outside of its walls and that leads generally to policies and procedures that would help deter cyberbullying at all levels for all members of our society. We need some good thinking and good planning to go into this issue, because it’s time we put an end to cyberbullying. Thank you, Mr. President.”

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