Lisa-Michelle helps people accomplish remarkable goals and make their dreams come true. She provides guidance and resources to achieve the unthinkable — career success, time for one’s family and hobbies, health and fitness, stress management, happiness, overall wellness, and so much more.

A recognized expert in career, effectiveness, leadership, work-life balance, and positive psychology coaching, Lisa-Michelle helps people move forward by matching their strengths to their best opportunities and overcoming obstacles. She also helps businesses achieve remarkable results by providing guidance to set ambitious goals and realistic implementation plans, as well as professional wellness programs.

Career Coaching

Whether you want to find a new job, get ahead in the one you're in, or start a business, Lisa-Michelle can help make the process easier and possibly facilitate your accomplishing even greater results.

Using a solution-focused approach, Lisa-Michelle works with clients to explore concrete steps to achieve their objectives. She uses tried and true practices that help people achieve the results they desire. Working with a career or business coach can help you gain the insights and confidence you need to get ahead, and Lisa-Michelle’s clients appreciate her straightforward approach and always being a nonjudgmental sounding board.


How can Lisa-Michelle help you? 

On-the-job happiness often starts with choosing an optimal profession and suitable workplace. Discovering your ideal career, figuring out your workplace preferences, and landing a job that meets your needs is one of the greatest gifts a person can give oneself. Lisa-Michelle has been helping clients and mentees figure out their ideal careers for more than 20 years.

Nevertheless, even people who achieve the feat of thriving in the happiness-at-work sweet spot may periodically feel unhappy with their jobs. The good news is most people can increase their happiness at work, and Lisa-Michelle can provide you with the tools you need to improve your on-the-job happiness.

If you're ready to invest in yourself today for a better tomorrow, contact Lisa-Michelle to set up a phone consultation.