If you are a youth engaging in cyberbullying:

  • Realize that you are not a bully, but you are engaging in bullying behavior. You can stop. You can change your behavior.
  • Even if you use alias accounts, your electronic footprint leads to your door. It may take time, but you will get caught and face legal or other ramifications.
  • Stop.
  • If you’re having difficulties stopping, speak to someone you trust to get the help you need.
  • Get a prevention app, like ReThink Words that effectively detects and stops cyberbullying and online hate before the damage is done.
  • If the situation has escalated, and you are being cyberbullied in return. Stop engaging in cyberbullying. Do not retaliate any further. Continuing to retaliate doesn’t help.
  • Speak to an adult — parent, relative, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, clergy, activity leader, etc.

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